Korean School Uniforms

Korean School Uniforms
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Gyobok” is the Korean name for school outfits and all secondary school understudies in Korea are required to wear it. Run of the mill Korean uniform comprises of a pullover best, tie or a bow and creased skirt. Korean regalia have been getting to be mainstream because of the k-pop stars who have been caught in their outfits on camera. Here are a few pictures of Korean garbs worn by the two understudies and superstar stars.
Here are some pictures of teen k-pop stars wearing their own school uniforms: i.o.i Somi
i.o.i Mina
Red Velvet Yeri
OhMyGirl Jiho, Beanie, Ahrin
i.o.i Sohye
CLC Eunbin, Yeeun
AOA Seolhyun
Miss A Suzy
Twice Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Nayeon
Gfriend Yerin
Produce 101

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